Let’s help the kids achieve that Halloween Spirit,

It’s so easy to do that you really shouldn’t fear it.


Let’s all gussy up our patios yards and porches,

with spiderwebs, ghosts, and even some torches.


We can spook up our houses, streets and “hood”

To remind all our kids that Halloween’s still good!


The three spookiest yards will win a nice prize

which of you will give us that surprise?


If you’d like to join in

Just sign up below

Get your decorations ready

‘cause here we GO!

1st Place Prize


2nd Place Prize


3rd Place Prize


Name looks great.
Looks like a valid email.
The more detail the better.

The Neighborhood That Saved Halloween!


Let’s keep out Saranap spirit going and trick or treat
ourselves to a neighborhood social distancing costume
parade! The parade will start at Dewing and Nicholson
and march a right hand turn onto Warren where
paraders can continue to the end of the street.
Enthusiastic masked or costumed bystanders can wave
from their driveway and /or offer treats. If kids and
parents agree, an “anything covid related“ parade might
be a light hearted and fun neighborhood theme.

Tell us what you think?